About Burr

Burr RobinsonDouglas B. (Burr) Robinson is a 45-year Cincinnati resident living in Hyde Park.

Following 30 months of service in the U. S. Army, Burr began a 31-year marketing career with Procter & Gamble. Subsequently, he founded and was the Executive Director of Jobs Plus Employment Network, a not for profit Christian agency that helps men and women from low income community’s secure jobs and get a new start in life.

Burr’s community involvement includes being the founding President of the Hyde Park Center for Older Adults in Cincinnati/Hyde Park and Founder and Director of Act for Life, a 15-year street ministry that helped women with unwanted pregnancies find love and care through crisis pregnancies centers.

Currently, Burr is Board President of FOCAS Ministries/The Lord’s Gym, an agency in Greater Cincinnati and Haiti that helps men and women with spiritual, education, health and employment needs. He is also an Elder of Mariemont Church.

Politically, he serves on the Executive Committee of the Hamilton County Republican Party and is Founder and Leadership Team Chairman of the Cincinnati East Tea Party.

When asked why he is running for the Ohio State Republican Party Central Committee, Burr says:

“I am a conservative leader who wants Constitutional principles reflected in Ohio Republican policies. My passion is to end the current system by which a few select leaders direct The Party. I want the Party returned to “We the People”.  I support the National Republican Party Platform and will take principled stands to protect our freedoms and maintain policies of limited government, fiscal responsibility, protection of the unborn and religious liberty.”

Burr is married to Terry Robinson and has three children and seven adorable grandchildren.

Vote for Douglas B. (Burr) Robinson for Republican State Central Committee District 9